We are 60 Degrees North

It's a bit windy today!

                         Well it was an interesting month! I had to go for a Sigmatoscopy some of my all readers will know what this process is!,  It basically involves a consultant using a long flexible tube with a camera and in order to facilitate that they insert it up your rear entrance  and pump you full of gas. Now you can choose to have sedation which makes the discomfort a little less unpleasant or in my case, you don’t and indeed it was rather uncomfortable. It was rather fascinating because I could see the entire process on a large TV screen at the side of the bed in the operating theatre in full HD colour!  The anaesthetist, has to be present just in case, was sitting at the side of the bed talking to me about dance classes of all things while the examination was going on.  Thankfully it wasn’t too long, the ordeal not the flexible tube (well I don’t know actually!) and I was able to get back to the waiting area.


I was told it was very important to get rid of the excess gas which was a rather hilarious process. Indeed, I thought I had got rid of it all and on the way home I suddenly remembered I needed to get a few things from the supermarket and I walked in the front entrance my I caught the pile of compost sitting here so I decided to take two small ones and put in my trolley. Unfortunately, as I bent over to pick them up there must have been a large bubble of gas lurking which decided to escape suddenly and rather dramatically! Unfortunately, at the same time this elderly lady was pushing a trolley behind me in order to get into the shop. All I can say is that every time I went past her in one of the aisles she gave me a very odd look.  I mean you can only apologise a certain number of times, do you? 


I got roped into going on the LGBT Carnival float which consisted of one old dance teacher hanging on the back of a small flat back truck covered in rainbow flags But hey it was great fun and I enjoyed it and the weather was nice which was a bonus. I even got a little bit sunburnt which with the current weather we are having would be well-nigh impossible but hey it was great fun and I enjoyed it and the weather was nice which was a bonus. A lot of my little pupils thought it was hilarious to throw coins at me too!!


The TV series “Shetland” is going to start filming a new series soon so there will be the chance of some more extra work hopefully coming along, that is if I have time to fit it in with everything else. Our Ballet School has been asked to put on a performance of 20 minutes, right in the middle of the school holidays, which is always a little inconvenient because it takes a lot of work organising something but, I think I have cracked it this time and in a remarkably short period of time have found something to put together which will not take too much rehearsal time with a very small group of the older pupils.  I will also get to work with two of my older pupils every Saturday in July as they are going to be away for a lot of October and the first two weeks of November as they regularly go to Tanzania with their parents on holiday. Their dad is from Tanzania and they are too tall strong and physically beautiful young ladies, and great little characters too so it’s always a joy to work with him on a dance piece. 


I’m looking at doing a piece based on “Pictures At An Exhibition” by Mussorgsky. One idea I have is for the dancers to be frozen in a group within a frame and to come to life. An artist will be the central character moving from picture to picture and being part of the group. I will have a Russian type Dacha (hut) on Chicken legs which the audience won’t know about until it rises up and starts moving around the stage! Skeletons coming out of a coffin, Gnomes!! Any thoughts, ideas? My Dad thought the skeleton and gnomes would be too depressing! So as a compromise I’ll have a Santa burst through one of the pictures at the end and throw sweeties at the audience!!! Can’t use well-known cartoon stuff because of the heavy copyright in place and it is also a bit boring to regurgitate Disney and other stuff over and over again. The whole thing using Mussorgsky’s music is that he wrote the Suite for his friends exhibition of pictures so I thought it would be a bit of fun to and it gives you much more artistic license!


My friend in NZ had asked me to keep an eye for his friend Julia who coming coming to visit Shetland and shown her around. I arranged to meet her at islesburgh in between jobs and this tiny little Kiwi lady turned up. She was a real hoot! She ended up coming to watch my Adult class and then the Pre Ballet class on Saturday morning and thoroughly enjoyed herself. She was quite impressed with it all. Sunday after dropping Middle C off at his Dungeons and Dragons,  I met Julia and she had dragged a young Australian music student along as he had just got off the boat that morning and he had no idea what to do she asked if he could join us. "Yeah no worries"  said I and I took them to Eshaness via Aith,  going the back road.  They were totally in awe at the scenery, especially The Drones and the Eshaness cliffs and I had to warn the young Austin sax player not to go too close as a gust might send him o'er da banks! We went for a very nice lunch at St Magnus Bay Hotel and had the carvery which was a nice treat as I didn't have to pay!! Then I drove them back to Lerwick to the hostel where I picked up my son and we went did our shopping and headed home.

I have spent a couple of days working on the 'Just Dance' show which is happening on 3rd August at our music venue and as I never know who is going to be available 7 have to do something from scratch. So I have finalised that and booked rooms for rehearsals and got the girl’s parents to order costumes and just have to choreograph it all! 

Some of the girls are away for some of the time so I have to jiggle rehearsals around, so I can get them all to learn their pieces. Right up to the wire on this one this time but it's the best way to do mix sometimes!  The idea is a brave one, but it should be fun! The only fly in the ointment is that I went for my video link appointment this morning, for my shoulder, and the consultant wants to see me for a scan down in Aberdeen in four to six weeks! Hopefully not right in the middle of rehearsals!! But it has to be done.... I need to get to the bottom of this and see if there is anything further I can do about it or is this what it is going to be like forever? To end on a sad note, sorry, a very good friend died in New Zealand earlier this week. It was a complete shock to me as I didn’t even know he was ill. He had lung cancer and a brain tumour! He was a real gentleman and was planning on visiting Shetland sometime.  Then on Wednesday night, reason this edition is so late, one of my care clients was taken into hospital with a chest infection and is still there. Yesterday I got news that a friend of mine, his mum had passed away and then another friend of mine messaged me to tell me her brother had passed away that morning. He had been given two months in June but didn’t make it…rather gutted to say the least and sad for my lovely friends. So the message is to all of you ‘live each day as much as possible because you never know’…do you?

The Web Cam


This is the Da Neuk webcam set up for people who might like to sit and watch a Shetland sunset. We cannot always guarantee fine weather as the weather in Shetland can change very quickly and dramatically even in Summer. With the volcanic eruption earlier this year the weather patterns have been extremely erratic to say the least affecting crops and sunlight levels. However during August and September we do experience some rather sensational sunsets and if you tune in to that address above around 20:45 to 21:30 GMT time then you should see something! Enjoy


This webcam is on the house of our local satellite dish installer. You can see the bay of Spiggie from his camera and Reawick, the small hamlet where he lives. Feel free to log onto this. A very much different view to ours!



All the music played on this website is performed by Shetland Artists. If you are interested in purchasing any of Shetland Music CDs then please do contact me.